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Wig Care

Having bought your new wig, what do you need to do to care for it?

The great news is that all types of wig can be washed - we recommend washing after about 12 times of wearing.

Wig Washing Guide

Follow these simple instructions to take care of your wig:

  1. Place a dash of shampoo in a bowl of lukewarm water,
  2. Place your wig in the water and agitate it for a few minutes, then leave in the water to rest for a few more minutes,
  3. Drain the shampoo water then rinse the wig in clean lukewarm water,
  4. Drain and then wrap your wig in a towel, pat lightly then shake out the wig,
  5. Hold your wig upside down and then spray with wig conditioner,
  6. Place your wig on a wig frame to dry or peg it upside down to let the fibres breathe,
  7. Let your wig dry overnight. Do not brush until completely dry,
  8. Wow! washed and ready to wear.

Wig Care Accessories

Maintenance of good quality synthetic wigs is easy with the right products: our Wig Care package of shampoo, conditioner, wig frame and styling brush is just £20.

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