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NHS Approved Wig Consultant


Wigs For Medical Reasons

There are many reasons for hair loss, such as Alopecia, male pattern baldness and lack of nutrition: not all hair loss is due to treatments like chemotherapy.

Wigs on the NHS

Wigs are available from the NHS but patients will be charged for them unless they qualify for help with charges.

To get help from the NHS, you will need a wig referral - for more information, speak to your doctor or Macmillan nurse. Once you have the referral and can show proof of your entitlement, you will be able to contact an approved NHS wig provider, like Lesley at Hair Wig Go.

At the moment, wigs are only free on the NHS in very specific circumstances. You may be able to qualify for free wigs if you:

For details of current NHS charges for wigs and exemptions, please visit the NHS Choices website.

NHS Approved Wig Consultant - Free Consultations

To discuss your requirements or to book your Free Consultation call Lesley now on 01323 831778 or 0776 1754977.